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FAQ's and Fishing Tips

Setting Up - Taking off Battery and Sound
What size fishing rods will it fit on? How long will the battery last?
Where do you place the BiteBuzzer on the fishing rod? Are the batteries replaceable?
I get a bite, do I do anything to the Bite Buzzer? How loud is the BiteBuzzer?
Does the BiteBuzzer interfere with the fishing line? Is the volume adjustable?
What size/test fishing line will it work with?  
When should I take the BiteBuzzer off the fishing pole? Downriggers / Planer Boards.
What triggers the alarm?  
  This and That
Weather Conditions Keep away from other fishing tackle - gear.
Can I use it in the rain? How to fix problems.
How does it work when it's windy or wavy?
Can I use it ice fishing?

Setting Up - Taking off

What size

fishing rods

will the BiteBuzzer fit on?
The BiteBuzzer will fit on most standard spinning fishing rods. These are fishing rods that have the eyes on the bottom of the fishing rod (see logo at the top of this page) as compared to casting rods which have the eyes on the top of the fishing rod (we are currently working on another model for casting rods). The exception may possibly be extremely large diameter deep-sea fishing poles or extremely small diameter child or ice fishing poles. On a smaller diameter fishing rod you would simply place the BiteBuzzer farther down the fishing pole. On a large diameter fishing rod you would place it closer to the tip. The BiteBuzzer has an opening of just under 3/16th of an inch. If your rod is less than 3/16th in diameter between the 2nd and 3rd eyelets it will fit. You could even put it between the 1st (tip) and 2nd eyelet, but the 2nd and 3rd works best. Either way, if it doesn't fit, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Where exactly do you place the BiteBuzzer on the

fishing rod?

The exact placement on the fishing rod is not critical, but you will want to place it towards the tip end of the fishing rod (Look at our Logo at the top of this page). That way you can rest the fishing pole on something. Usually you will place it between the 2nd and 3rd eyelets from the tip end of the fishing rod. It all depends on the size of the fishing rod.

When I get a bite, do I have to do anything to the Bite Buzzer?
No. You can simply set the hook and reel in the fish with the Bite Buzzer on. You don't even have to turn off the Bite Buzzer, it will automatically turn off when your reeling in a fish. It does this by sensing how mush pressure is on the fishing line. When there is enough pressure on your fishing line, the Bite Buzzer will turn off. When the pressure is removed, the Bite Buzzer will turn back on. The amount of pressure is equivalent to reeling in a small fish.

Does the BiteBuzzer interfere with the

fishing line

No. Unlike other fishing alarms which attach to the fishing line in order to sense when a fish bites, the BiteBuzzer allows the fishing line to move freely. This innovation allows you to cast and reel in without having to manually engage or disengage the fishing alarm.

What size/test fishing line will the BiteBuzzer work with?

It is recommended that you use a 20 pound test or less. This is because the BiteBuzzer is very sensitive and larger lines may cause the BiteBuzzer to trigger by mistake.

When should I take the BiteBuzzer off the fishing pole?
If you have a fish that's going to take a while to land, or a Monster fish, you might want to take the BiteBuzzer off the fishing pole. Although it is not necesary, it will prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Taking the BiteBuzzer off your fishing pole takes only a second.

What triggers the alarm?
The alarm is triggered by pressure from fishing line. Nothing is attached to the fishing line. This innovation means there will be no extra wear and tear on the fishing line. It also means the BiteBuzzer is not effected by the motion of the pole, like other alarms, from windy conditions.

Weather Conditions

Can I use it in the rain?
The BiteBuzzer is water resistant not water proof. Rain is usually not a problem and submersing it in water for 30 seconds is usually not a problem. Because problems do occasionally occur we do not recommend using it in heavy rain. Treat it like you would any piece of electronic equipment such as a radio. It should be kept dry whenever possible.

How does it work when it's windy? What about waves?
That depends on how windy or how big are the waves. The BiteBuzzer is a sensitive device and has a sensitivity switch built in to adjust for different wind or water conditions. We have found that it will compensate for 6 inch waves and 15 MPH winds with ease.

Can I use it

ice fishing

Yes. Many fishermen do use it ice fishing. Since there are so many different types of ice fishing poles we can not promise that it will fit on your pole.

Sound and Battery

How long will the battery last?
The battery has a 7 year shelf life, and test have shown that it will produce over 20,000 Beeps! Although the exact battery life will vary, we think you'll agree that it will catch a lot of fish. For maximum life, do not get the BiteBuzzer wet. Although we have exposed BiteBuzzers to rain for several days, and they are usually fine, if water does get inside the battery compartment, the battery may short out. Treat it like a radio, or other piece of electrical equipment, do not use it in the rain, and you should have years of enjoyable fishing.

Are the batteries replaceable?
The batteries are not replaceable. To keep the BiteBuzzer as small as possible it needed to be designed that way. Do not try to take the BiteBuzzer apart.

How loud is the BiteBuzzer?
The BiteBuzzer can be heard from about 100 feet on a calm day.

Is the volume adjustable?
The volume is not adjustable. We have found that most of the time you will be within 10-50 feet from your pole, and a louder buzzer was not necessary and in fact was rather annoying!

Downriggers and Planer Boards

Downriggers and Planer Boards.
The BiteBuzzer also works with downriggers and planer boards. Please take a look at our video by clicking here. The larger video is better quality. It shows how the BiteBuzzer turns off automatically when a certain amount of pressure is applied. This is why it also works great with downriggers. The following is a product review from a fishing expert on Lake Champlain, Vermont. This is an unpaid and unbias review. This is what he had to say...

"I tested your bitebuzzer and plan on leaving them on my downrigger rods. The importent thing you need to know about down rigger fishing, is that it is crucial to get to the rod quick after the release to further set the lure and keep pressure on the fish. The bitebuzzer gives you that additional indication of a release, other than constantly watching the rods. It should work on all types of downriggers because the concept is basically the same for all of them. You set a rod with a down rigger, get to the planned depth of fishing, and reel down the rod tight so the rod is actually bent. When a fish hits the lure it releases the line from the release and sets the hook or lure by the tension being released. The line goes slack for a moment, then tight with the fish on. So the fish is actually hooked but you still need to grab the rod quick before you give the fish too much time with a loose line. That is when the BiteBuzzer alarms you a rod has released and there is a fish on. Otherwise you have to be constantly watching the rods to see the release. The reason I like it is that you are not always watching the rods, and a lot of times miss the release, and lose time to set the hook. This product will give you that additional signal. It should work on all down riggers.Using planner boards your line is slack to the release on set up. When the fish hits a lure it will release and cause the bitebuzzer to go off. As far as negatives I really don't see any. It is a good product!"

Mick D. VT

This and That

Why should I keep the BiteBuzzer seperated from other fishing tackle / gear when not in use"?
The BiteBuzzer has two magnets inside of it. Keeping it away from other fishing tackle / fishing gear and in it's original case or in a plastic bag when not in use will prevent small metal filings or dirt from attaching to these magnets. This will ensure the longest life.

How to fix problems.
The number one problem is from people using the BiteBuzzer in the rain. Please do NOT use the BiteBuzzer in the rain! Just like a radio or other electrical equipment, the BiteBuzzer does not like to get wet! We have done test and have left the BiteBuzzer out in the rain for days. Most of the time it will be fine but sometimes water gets into the battery compartment and causes the battery to drain/short. If this happens, there is no fix. Under normal conditions the battery will last for years, and produce over 20,000 beeps. The number two problem is from dirt entering the BiteBuzzer. With either of these problem the BiteBuzzer may not be working as effectively as it had. This might include a scratchy buzzer sound, lower buzzer sound, or a loss of sensitivity. In either case try these tips...

1. If you did get the BiteBuzzer wet, dry it immediately. Shake out any excess water. Then try putting the BiteBuzzer in front of a hair dryer for a couple minutes at a time or leave it in the sun for the day. DO NOT EXPOSE IT TO EXTREME HEAT LIKE A STOVE, FLAME, ETC. THERE IS A BATTERY IN THE BITEBUZZER AND ALL BATTERIES HAVE A WARNING ABOUT EXPLODING IF EXPOSED TO EXTREME HEAT!!!

2. Try taking a rubber band and stretch it between your fingers. Then take the BiteBuzzer and move it back and forth over the rubber band letting the rubber band touch the gold plated metal rod that the fishing line usually touches. This will cause the metal rod to spin around and clean off the contacts. You should only need to do this for 5 seconds. Do this in both the OFF position, and the MOST SENSITIVE position. Also do it a couple times just barely touching the metal rod.

3. Make sure the sound hole is free from any dirt or other obstructions.

4. Make sure you do not simply have the BiteBuzzer in the OFF position. Yes, it has happened!

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