Bite Indicators, Strike Indicator, Bite Indicator, Strike Indicators
Strike Indicators, Bite Indicator, Bite Indicators, Strike Indicator

The BiteBuzzer™ is a

strike indicator / bite indicator fishing alarm.

It can be used for shore fishing, bait fishing, fresh water fishing, salt water fishing, downriggers, planer boards, and even ice fishing! It will soon become your favorite piece of fishing gear / fishing tackle.

It has a long life lithium battery (7 year shelf life) and it will produce over 20,000 Beeps. It is designed to fit on ALL types of spinning fishing poles (like the type shown in our logo at the top of this page) and most other types of fishing rods. Because it is so light it will not interfere with casting. You can cast with it on and attached to your fishing rod. When you reel in a fish the BiteBuzzer™ will turn off AUTOMATICALLY. We even use REAL GOLD to plate the metal rod that activates the buzzer. This guarantees the greatest sensitivity and the longest life. Try to find these options in any other

strike indicators / bite indicators

on the market.

The BiteBuzzer™ was designed for bank or shore fishing using any bait. Just strap the BiteBuzzer™ onto your fishing pole and you're ready to fish. With the sensitivity switch you can adjust for different wind and water conditions. When set to it's most sensitive position the BiteBuzzer™ will pick up the slightest bite. There is simply no other strike indicator / bite indicator alarm on the market that even compares. We offer a Full Refund if your not 100% satisfied.

Other bite indicators / strike indicators are large, costly, interfere with the fishing line, or simply do not work. We are so confident that you will be satisified that we encourage to look around and compare. Make sure you know how the other bite indicators / strike indicators work and check out our video at the link below to see how the Bite Buzzer works. We are confident that you will soon see that there is no comparison.
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bite indicator,strike indicator,bite indicators,strike indicators

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