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I caught this 19 pound Carp with the BiteBuzzer.
It's fantastic! I love it!

Armen M. Burbank, CA.

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Bite Alarms Fishing Alarm Fishing Alarms

The BiteBuzzer is great!
Caught these downrigging on Lake Champlain.
Clint B. Burlington, VT.

29 pound flathead caught in the ohio river with the BiteBuzzer. I also caught my first blue cat thanks to the BiteBuzzer. I'm gettin one for every pole I own. Thanks!
Mike D, Point Pleasant, WV

We caught this bass the first time we tried the BiteBuzzer!
Nick & Tyler

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A Happy Camper!
Caught while camping on the Conneticut River.

I am a beleiver in the BiteBuzzer. It does exactly what its supposed to do.
Fran. Cape May, NJ

I sent these pics so everyone can see the results of the BiteBuzzer.
Fran. Cape May, NJ


"I have tried other fishing alarms, everything from $2.00 bells to the $200 plus European models. Only the Bite Buzzer has the right combination of features. The problem was that other bite alarms were either not sensitive enough, to much of a hassle to use, or just plan didn't work. When I first saw the Bite Buzzer I was sceptical because of the size, low cost, and all the functions you claimed. It took me about fifteen minutes and a nice bass to become a believer! It's now my favorite piece of fishing tackle!"

Claude W
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"I have recently had a chance to test out the BiteBuzzer during one of our field trips. I was very impressed. The buzzer worked very well and alerted me to a large pike. This is a must have piece of fishing gear!"

Kelly Hoban, Owner -
Burnsville, Minnesota

"The Bite Buzzer works great! I was camping at my favorite reservoir with my fishing pole out ready to catch myself some Rainbow Trout. I was back at the RV about 50 yards away eating. All of a sudden my father said my Bite Buzzer was going off. I tuned my ears into the fishing alarm and bolted off like a Greyhound. I made it to shore and set the hook on a 19 Inch Rainbow. What was even more awesome was that I had put on the Bite Buzzer 20 minutes before, and for the very first time! I highly recommend this product! I only wish I had more to give to my friends. I will be keeping my bite alarm for myself, unfortunately for them!

Christopher Parola
Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I tested your bitebuzzer fishing alarms and plan on leaving them on my downrigger fishing poles. The importent thing about downrigger fishing, is that it is crucial to get to the rod quick after the release to further set the lure and keep pressure on the fish. The bitebuzzer gives you that additional indication of a release, other than constantly watching the fishing pole. The BiteBuzzer tells you there is a fish on. The reason I like it is that you are not always watching the fishing poles, and a lot of times miss the release, and lose time to set the hook. It gives you that additional signal. It is a good product!"

Mick D. Vermont

"You gave my 10 year old son a sample Bite Buzzer bite alarm at a trade show. A few weeks later we went fishing on Elk Lake in Oregon and he brought it along. We camped right on the lake shore and he set it up. It worked great! Throughout the day we were pleasantly surprised when the fishing alarm went off. It's the only way to fish, and now I'm ordering one for myself!"

Bob Johnson
Portland, Oregon

"I usually fish 2-4 fishing poles at once and when a friend told me about the BiteBuzzer it sounded to good to be true, especially the price. The first time I used it (I bought 3) I caught 6 in less then 2 hours! Thanks for the great fishing gear."

Jeremy Rodriguez
Tampa, Florida

"I've been fishing for over 40 years and I thought I had seen every piece of fishing tackle available. It is truly remarkable that a device as small as the BiteBuzzer can do what it does. It doesn't interfere with the fishing line, you can cast with it on, and it turns itself off! Add to that the sensitivity adjustment and the price and I'm sure you have a winning product on your hands."

Fred O
Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I bought two Bitebuzzers for my son and daughter(9 and 6), and you're right, kids do love them. It was the first time fishing with them that I didn't have to constantly watch their fishing poles. Fishing is definitely much more enjoyable for all of us. Thanks!"

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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